Summer Lawn Games for Kids

We are big advocates for getting kids outdoors and there is no better time to do that than in the summer. Lawn games are the perfect excuse to encourage kids to be active outside and offer parents and older family members a bit of nostalgic family fun. Set up a weekly Sunday tournament for your kids and their friends in the backyard with a variety of lawn games designed for all ages.   Bowling No one can resist a game of bowling or skittles. Save the trip to the bowling alley for the winter and take your game outside with colorful and fun bowling sets for kids. You can bowl for anything from garden gnomes to milk bottles with our whimsical finds which will delight kids and […]

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Float On

We’re at the peak of summer! Whether you are planning a trip to the beach or a pool party, check out our picks for the best in floats, swimwear & accessories.   We All Scream for Ice Cream! Pictured: Ice cream swim trunks, Fro-Yo float, Ice cream cone flip flops You’re the Pineapple of My Eye! Pictured: Pineapple rashguard, Pineapple float, Baby Bling pineapple hair clips, Pineapple swimsuit, Pineapple cup & straw Be a Rainbow in Someone’s Cloud Pictured: Rainbow Ring play center, Sno Cone swim goggles, Rainbow chaser bikini, Stella McCartney Kids slip on Have a Whale of a Time!     Pictured: Whale cover up, Whale sunglasses, Whale swim trunks, Moby Dick float Who Can Catch a Toucan? Pictured: Toucan tankini, Toucan swim shorts, Toucan float

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Backyard and Indoor Camping Adventures

If a camping trip isn’t in the cards for your family this summer, consider planning a backyard or indoor camping excursion to allow your kids to exercise their wanderlust and exploration impulses. When I was growing up it seemed like you were either part of a family that camped or you were not. I was in the latter crowd and beyond a one day stint at Girl Scout Camp, I never really got into the spirit of the great outdoors. These days there are plenty of options to walk on the wildlife side in both personal style and pretend play toys and games.   The Props Whether their camping excursion starts in your backyard or in the living room fort, equip kids with the essentials that comprise a classic […]

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Recette | Patriotic Popsicles

Bom Pops and Firecracker popsicles are a nostalgic childhood favorite that recall Fourth of Julys and summers past. Now that I have a daughter of my own and regularly scour Pinterest for new recipes and creative entertaining ideas, I was pleasantly surprised to see there is a healthier alternative to an old favorite that is a much more responsible choice of snack for my daughter and the rest of our family. It even uses some of the same ingredients as my morning smoothie! Make your own patriotic popsicles this Fourth of July with a mix of colorful and fresh berries and yogurt or coconut milk.   Ingredients Raspberries or sliced and hulled strawberries Plain or vanilla yogurt OR canned coconut milk Blueberries Honey or agave to taste Blend […]

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Founding Fathers (& Schuyler Sisters)

Nowadays its easy to forget that the 4th of July is more than backyard barbecues and fireworks, but the holiday is celebrated in the United States to commemorate the signing of the Declaration of Independence in which the original thirteen colonies of the U.S. declared their secession from Great Britain. One of the founding fathers from that period of American history who has been getting a lot of press lately is Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton was an orphaned immigrant from the West Indies who arrived in New York City to attend university and quickly established his mark on American politics. While the Revolutionary War waged on, Hamilton joined a militia and rose through the ranks to become senior aide to General George Washington.  After the war […]

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Shakespeare in the Park for Kids

When I was about 10 years old, we visited family in California and spent an evening at a Shakespeare in the Park performance. Somehow my aunt and uncle understood that there are some experiences in life that both adults and kids can enjoy equally and they usually center around being outdoors and eating food. It topped my list of ‘sophisticated kid’ things to do, along with the boat ride on Lake Michigan with my best friend and her family that involved high speeds and cheese platters. Though I am not sure my parents would have ever chosen to take me and my sister to a Shakespeare performance in our hometown, picnicking on a warm summer evening on vacation was the perfect family outing that sparked my interest in outdoor theatre and […]

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The Great American Pastime

Baseball is a uniquely American sport. Historians found references to sports similar to baseball in 18th century America. The earliest versions show similarities to cricket and rounders. In 1845 the familiar diamond-shaped infield, foul lines, and three-strike rule were established and the first organized game occurred in 1846. One hundred and seventy years later, half of Americans consider themselves baseball fans. Thanks to baseball’s long season and number of games in a season, more people attend baseball games in a given year than football games. While I’m not an avid baseball fan I’ve always enjoyed attending baseball games for the social aspect, outdoor sunning, and stadium food. Whether or not you’re able to attend a live game, we’ve compiled the best of baseball inspired books, movies, and […]

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Fathers Day

Celebrating Father’s Day

Last year, my husband celebrated his first Father’s Day as a dad. I struggled to come up with an idea for a meaningful gift that would be different from the other gifts he had received over the years for occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. He was given a beautiful handmade gift from our daughter courtesy of her daycare, so he was covered on the handprint hearts front. I thought long and hard and probably tried to ascribe the meaning I wanted in a gift rather than just thinking about a gift he would like.   So where did I pan out after all of this thought? The answer was simple. I selected a gift that I felt my husband could enjoy together with our daughter. I started by poring over lawn […]

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Farm to Table

Teach Kids About Farm-to-Table Eating

Farm-to-Table eating simply means that there are few steps between where your food is grown and your fork, implying fresh, seasonal, and local cuisine. There are many benefits to eating local, as outlined in our post from earlier this week on Supporting Your Local Farmer’s Market. This philosophy focused on very fresh ingredients is one that you can easily get kids excited about by helping them learn about and getting them more involved with their food.   Books To kick off the farmer’s market and CSA food share season, hit the library or local bookstore and stock up on books that teach kids more about their food. These are some of our favorites.     We often hear about ‘eating the rainbow.’ Colorful fruits and veggies are […]

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Support Your Local Farmers Market

Winters in the Midwest are long not only because of the cold weather, but also due to the limited access to fresh fruits and vegetables. We have small winter markets where one can purchase turkeys for the holidays, root vegetables that store over the winter and jars of all things pickled but nothing compares to the selection available during the summer months. If you’re concerned that the cost of buying organic produce is beyond your financial budget, focus instead on buying local produce. There are several benefits to buying local produce regardless of whether or not it is organic. Michigan State University Extension outlined 7 benefits of eating local foods: Locally grown food is full of flavor. Like most children, I despised brussels sprouts. Several years […]

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