Secrets of the Seashore


On my daughter’s first birthday, we received the beautifully illustrated children’s book called “Secrets of the Seashore” by Carron Brown and Alyssa Nassner. I have a definite affinity for the sea and love reading kids’ books as much as my daughter, so this gift stood out as a favorite of mine. However, with all of the words and pages, it has been a bit advanced for my daughter to date. Now at 21 months, she reached for the book last night and it had us both captivated.



“Secrets of the Seashore” is a Shine-A-Light Book. This series of books is meant to be viewed while shining a light from behind the pages to reveal hidden images within the illustrations. The simplest solution for bedtime reading is just to flip on the light on your cellphone for the necessary illumination, but holding the book up to any light source would work equally well. While the language is still advanced for my daughter, she was so enthralled with discovering the hidden images that I was able to read through each and every page without abbreviating the text or skipping through pages.




The book is a great educational tool, teaching children about the ecosystem of a tide pools and all of the creatures and plants that make this habitat their home. The book is a treasure trove of facts about each of the organisms featured in the book, making science and biology come to life in an interactive and exciting storybook. The book culminates in an illustrated glossary of the sea life of the tide pool.


Secrets of the Seashore

The Shine-A-Light series of books covers a breadth of topics from rainforests to construction sites. We can’t wait to check out some of the other books available from Carron Brown.


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