If a camping trip isn’t in the cards for your family this summer, consider planning a backyard or indoor camping excursion to allow your kids to exercise their wanderlust and exploration impulses. When I was growing up it seemed like you were either part of a family that camped or you were not. I was in the latter crowd and beyond a one day stint at Girl Scout Camp, I never really got into the spirit of the great outdoors. These days there are plenty of options to walk on the wildlife side in both personal style and pretend play toys and games.


The Props

Whether their camping excursion starts in your backyard or in the living room fort, equip kids with the essentials that comprise a classic camping trip – a campfire, s’mores, stars to gaze upon, letters to send home, a sleeping bag, fort and way finding tools for hours of fun.



The Wardrobe

Dress the part with a wardrobe of easy summer t-shirts paired with frontier scout accessories, like canteens, woven bracelets, badges, and moccasins. Extra credit for fashioning your own crafty accessories like homemade achievement badges, friendship bracelets, arrowhead necklaces and anything with beads.

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