Le Petit Cotillion is a lifestyle blog dedicated to helping parents instill in their children the ideals of childhood – exploration, learning, and self-expression. It is a visually engaging and mentally stimulating mix of ideas, writing and activities aimed to pique your child’s interest in a broad range of topics. We hope that Le Petit Cotillion inspires parents to help their children attain a joie de vivre.



About the Contributors:

Crystal – My mother is retired elementary school teacher, so there was always a focus on creative learning, art, and play in our home while growing up. After I had my first baby in July 2014, my interest was renewed in everything related to childhood. When I returned to work after my maternity leave, I would think all day about how to make the most of my time with my daughter. My friend Maria, who has such an eye for design and a similar interest in creative living and learning, was the perfect collaborator and full of encouragement to bring this project to light. We decided to create a site that would appeal to readers like me…first time parents who want to encourage their children in exploration, learning and self-expression – those same ideals we hope to relive through our kids as we raise them! I also have a background in art, so we decided it would be fun to add some whimsy to the blog through illustrations. I have found that writing and drawing for Le Petit Cotillion after my daughter goes to sleep allows me to exercise my own creative skills in the same way I hope to encourage her to do. 


Maria – For years I’ve appreciated Crystal’s artwork and saw Le Petit Cotillion as the perfect medium to share her illustrations along with our shared interest in encouraging children to always be curious and creative.  Memories of my own childhood as well as watching my seven nieces and nephews grow has influenced my passion for getting kids excited about art, reading, cooking and creative play.  I challenge myself to continually grow and am currently attending The New School at Parsons School of Design in order to obtain a certificate in Fashion Business.  When not studying or researching content for the website, I enjoy exploring the city streets with my Cairn Terrier, Peanut.

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