With the holiday season hot on our heels, it is likely that most families will be doing some traveling in the next month or so. Whether you are will be shuttling around town by car or looking at a lengthier cross country trip, the addition of a child can quickly make a 2 hour trip feel like 10 hours. Preparing ahead of time with snacks and activities to keep your children entertained can help make the time pass quickly and painlessy. Below are some of our favorite ideas for passing the time while traveling with children.


Magnetic Crazy Face Game

Land of Nod

With 67 magnets for endless permutations of characters, your kids will stay engaged for long stretches of time. Magnetic pieces ensure that you will have all of the pieces on hand for a second round of playtime on the trip home.

Magnetic Crazy Face Game


Family Road Trip | Box of Questions

Melissa and Doug

While there are lots of books and flashcards aimed at sparking discussion on road trips, we can’t resist the retro illustrations and variety in this pack. The box includes prompts for conversations and quizzes, as well as game-instruction cards and a license plate ID game.

Family Road Trip Box of Questions


Zippee Lunch Tote, Road Trip


Snacks are a no-brainer. Up the fun-factor by packing them in this adorable road trip themed lunch bag.


Zippee Lunch Tote, Road Trip



Visual Diary


Road trips are great opportunities for visual journaling. Ask your children to keep their eyes peeled for things that they might like to draw and then to capture their favorites. Corn silos, cows, evergreens, buildings, and other vehicles all make for perfect subject matter. Of course, when you reach your destination an entirely new field of opportunity will open up for even more creative journaling.



Little Golden Books

Golden Books

Little Golden Books are hard to beat for travel given the sheer volume you can pack in such a small space. Given the breadth of titles available, you will be sure to find something that will complement your child’s current interests.

Favorite Little Golden Books for Christmas



Artist Studio Car Valet


This fun storage unit conveniently attaches to the back of the car seat and features a fold out desk surface for activities. Snacks, supplies and small toys can be stored within the zippered pouches.




Seuss Travel Cube

The Dr. Seuss Travel cube features 4 games for between 2 and 4 players and the timeless and ageless appeal of Dr. Seuss. The adorable travel caddy is likely to captivate little ones, perhaps even more than the games themselves!

Dr Seuss 4-in-1 Games Cube


52 Fun Things to Do in the Car

Chronicle Books

This compact deck offers a breadth of games and activities and is the perfect size for travel. Read ahead of time so that you are sure to plan ahead for any additional supplies needed.

52 Fun Things to Do in the Car


Magnetic Checkers

Land of Nod

Competitive siblings? Use it to your advantage for once by introducing this classic and travel-friendly (e.g., small and magnetic) version from Land of Nod on your next trip.

Magnetic Checkers



Personalized Kids Activity Board

I Heart Naptime

I Heart Naptime has created a DIY personalized activity board for road trips. Visit their blog for instructions on how to create one of these sweet sets for your kids and also get their cute printable road trip scavenger hunt.

Kids Personalized Travel Activity Board

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